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If you need to know about a copier printer service agreement or if you can’t decide if it’s best to lease or purchase a copier printer, we’ve got everything you need to help you make the right choice for your business.

  • Are you looking to buy a multi-function copier printer for your business?

    If you don’t want to end up paying too much for your new machine, you need to get the Copier Guru’s buyers guide.

    • Be prepared with a checklist of questions to ask the copier salesman
    • Revealed – the one simple thing overlooked by every business – this is where you’ll save you the most money
    • You’ll know how to work out the leasing cost vs the cash price and ensure you’re not overpaying for finance
    • Be armed with the Guru’s negotiating tactics and secure the best deal for your business
    • Avoid signing up to a worthless service agreement
    • Know what to pay for service cost per print
    • Avoid a trick that suppliers use to legally charge you four times more than what you agreed to pay

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Used the buyer's guide and impressed the M.D. by getting a better deal than he had managed to get

"My Managing Director was negotiating with our current supplier and asked me to look on the internet for some prices. I called a few suppliers but got nowhere, all of the suppliers wanted to have a meeting before they gave me prices and information. I just didn’t have the time and I didn’t really know where to start.

I downloaded the Guru’s guides and everything I needed to know was there. I had a clear plan of action; I knew what questions to ask, I knew what features and functionality I needed. I got prices and service charges without meeting a single salesperson.

The deal I ended up being offered was far superior to what my M.D. had negotiated. It was so good that we went with it, to the disappointment of our previous supplier."

M.K. Restaurateur, Surrey

Saved over £9,000

"I run a chain of Hotels and had to replace five old copiers. My current supplier was threatening me with an exit fee of over £9,000. After reading part three of the Guru’s guides I had enough information to challenge the exit fee. It took just one letter to the supplier and they caved in.  I paid no exit fee! I didn’t even consult a solicitor; that alone saved me a fortune.

I was able to go to the open market; this time I used the Guru’s guides to get the right deal and service agreement for the business."

M.S. Hotelier, London

Saved hours of frustration and over £3,300

"I needed to get a new machine but I didn’t want to call lots of dealers and have to speak with salespeople, but I had to check prices to be sure I was getting value for money. Having had poor service in the past I also wanted to ensure that I was going to get great service this time.

I downloaded the Guru’s guides; they saved me a huge amount of time and frustration. I found out straight away what I should be paying for a machine and I was armed with a checklist to ensure I got a great service agreement with proper guarantees.

I saved money on the cost of the new machines and I was able to eliminate the Service termination charge my previous supplier was trying to hold me to."

P.R. Estate Agent, West Midlands

Saved 23%

"We thought we had negotiated a great deal – I applied the information I learned in the Guru’s guides and spoke again with the supplier. I was able to renegotiate the price and saved my business an extra 23%. It was so easy!"

G.L. Architect, Essex